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Motorcycle accidents during the spring

In many parts of the country, motorcyclists are excited for spring to come since it marks the end of a long, brutal winter and more favorable weather conditions for riding a motorcycle. However, this can lead to a higher likelihood of motorcycle accidents, so it is imperative for motorcyclists and those driving any type of vehicle to be aware of the risks associated with motorcycle collisions. Unfortunately, some motorcyclists will inevitably find themselves in the middle of an accident this season, and many of these accidents will prove fatal or lead to serious injuries.

There are many risk factors to watch out for during the spring when it comes to driving and riding a motorcycle. Many motorcyclists celebrate Memorial Day weekend by riding with their friends, but this can be dangerous if road conditions are poor, people on the road have been drinking or other concerns are present. During the spring, weather conditions such as fog and heavy rain can increase the chances of a crash, and some motorcyclists may be more likely to find themselves in a wreck because they have not ridden a motorcycle for several months.

How workers' compensation can get you back to work sooner

If you are hurt on the job in Florida and are receiving compensation benefits, you may feel like you want to get back to work, whether you need to start making more money or you just like to stay busy. Fortunately, one of the benefits you receive is vocational rehabilitation, which provides a variety of tools and training to help you get back to your previous job or prepare you for a different position.

According to the Department of Labor, the goal of vocational rehabilitation is to get you back to work with your original employer as soon as possible. If your injuries make it improbable or impossible to return to your previous position, the program will work to assist you in gaining the skills necessary to find another job of similar pay. Typically, rehab services only start once your doctor determines you are at maximum medical improvement and that your injuries result in permanent disability of some kind.

Why are rugs so dangerous?

Rugs look great scattered around a home. They can make it feel cozier and help provide some comfort on wood floors. However, rugs are also very dangerous. They slide easily and pose a tripping hazard. While they may not be too harmful to adults and older children, they can pose a huge risk to young children and the elderly who are more vulnerable. To avoid slip and fall accidents with rugs, there are some things you can.

Ideally, according to Huffington Post, the safest thing to do is get rid of your rugs, but if you want to keep them, then you should take steps to make them safer. You should also understand why they are so dangerous.

How to understand, control and stop bullying at work

Every day in American workplaces, a subtle epidemic of employee bullying takes place. Employees victimized by unconscionable bullying attacks experience lower self-esteem and lose the ability to complete their work effectively.

Victims of the workplace bully can develop lifelong emotional and physical trauma in the form of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some bullying is so severe that the targets cannot continue working in the public sector. Ousted employees descend into poverty; others can only work from home in a freelance capacity, thus losing important company health benefits and acquiring a steep tax burden.

Woman alleges negligence after injury sustained at Walmart

While companies in Florida uphold the responsibility to treat their customers with respect, they are also tasked with making sure that their facilities are up to code and free of hazards that could cause avoidable injuries to their patrons. In unfortunate incidents where a customer does sustain an injury on the premises of a business, that company could be facing hefty consequences if it is found that they acted negligently in making sure they mitigated the risks that created the injury. 

In a recent case out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, one woman is alleging that Walmart acted negligently and ultimately contributed to a situation that left her with severe injuries. The woman disclosed that she and her daughter were shopping together at the store when another patron crashed into her on a motorized scooter cart. Witnesses say the woman fell to her knees in pain and ended up in the emergency room to be treated for her injuries. Health issues stemming from the incident has cost the woman nearly $30,000 in medical bills and left her with recurring pain. 

Palm Beach County crash prompts federal investigation

Every year, new technologies are introduced to the vehicles traveling on Daytona Beach's roads, all aimed at making driving both safer and more convenient. However, the concepts of safety and convenience can often be at odds with each other, as those updates which make vehicles easier to drive do not necessarily make them safer. Consumers likely trust that the technological upgrades incorporated into vehicles have been tested and proven to do that which their advertising implies. Yet often the excitement over the potential of new vehicle features may prompt drivers to use them in ways they may not have been intended. 

Take the Autopilot upgrade recently introduced into Tesla vehicles. Many drivers have reported being able to take their hands off the steering wheel when using the feature (after all, it is called "Autopilot") despite the manufacturer's insistence that it is not intended to take driving control away from the driver. Since the feature's introduction, several motorists have been killed in accidents linked to its use. The most recent was a man who struck a tractor-trailer in Palm Beach County. Although it has not been confirmed whether or not the driver had Autopilot engaged when the accident occurred, both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board have announced their intentions to look into the crash. 

What can I do about depression after a serious injury?

If you've been involved in a car accident in Florida, the negative effects may extend beyond the physical. When faced with serious and debilitating injuries, many people also experience depression, which can get in the way of the healing process. Thrive Global offers the following tips to help you overcome depression on your road to recovery.

Have a support network in place

The hidden financial costs of a TBI

If you receive a traumatic brain injury in a Florida car crash or other catastrophic event, the initial focus of your physicians will be to save your life and begin immediate treatment to attempt to minimize the long-term effects of your TBI. Unfortunately, you could incur hospital and other medical expenses of over $1 million during the first six months alone.

But what about the costs you and your family will incur after the first six months? Given that a TBI can affect you in multiple ways, you may require months or even years or rehabilitation and occupational and physical therapy. You may even require a lifetime of care.

How does a person qualify for workers' compensation benefits?

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance your employer in Florida most likely carries. The law requires most employers to have this insurance which offers protection if you or any other employee is injured while on the job. You need to meet certain requirements and follow a specific procedure to ensure you qualify for benefits.

According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, you only qualify for workers' compensation if you receive an injury while you are at work and doing work duties. This is important because if your injury occurs when you are doing something outside the course of your job duties, you may not qualify.

How can I protect a loved one from slips-and-falls?

While slip-and-fall accidents can happen to virtually anyone, they're especially hazardous for the elderly. That's why it's important to safeguard your senior loved ones against potential accidents in and outside of the home, as these accidents may have potentially devastating consequences. In this case, the Mayo Clinic offers the following tips on how you can help your loved one lower the chance of a slip-and-fall.

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