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How can I prevent my child from being injured by a fall?

Kids of all ages are prone to falls, some of which may cause significant injury. In this case, it's crucial that parents take all the proper precautions to safeguard any children in their home, whether protecting their own kids or ensuring guests are also kept safe. offers the following tips so you can rest assured that your child is safe when it comes to falling hazards.

Practice stair safety

Stairs pose a huge risk to toddlers and younger children, so proper prevention is a must. When choosing a safety gate for babies, pick one that is mounted using hardware. These gates are often a lot sturdier, especially if a toddler is leaning on the gate. However, kids should always be supervised around stairs until they're capable of using them safely on their own. It's possible that a child might climb over the gate and fall down the stairs despite the safety apparatus.

Reinforce windows

Beds and cribs should be moved away from any windows to prevent kids from climbing or falling out. Window guards are also important. Window screens can fail when pressed on, which can lead to curious kids to fall injuries. With small kids, consider opening windows from the top to prevent access.

Safeguard the home

Toddlers are keen on climbing furniture, so make sure your furniture is properly secured to prevent it from tipping over. If you have rugs or excess clutter in your home, make sure it's removed to prevent a child from slipping. You can also install padding on sharp corners of furniture and other items to ensure a child isn't injured in the event of a fall.