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Woman alleges negligence after injury sustained at Walmart

While companies in Florida uphold the responsibility to treat their customers with respect, they are also tasked with making sure that their facilities are up to code and free of hazards that could cause avoidable injuries to their patrons. In unfortunate incidents where a customer does sustain an injury on the premises of a business, that company could be facing hefty consequences if it is found that they acted negligently in making sure they mitigated the risks that created the injury.

In a recent case out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, one woman is alleging that Walmart acted negligently and ultimately contributed to a situation that left her with severe injuries. The woman disclosed that she and her daughter were shopping together at the store when another patron crashed into her on a motorized scooter cart. Witnesses say the woman fell to her knees in pain and ended up in the emergency room to be treated for her injuries. Health issues stemming from the incident has cost the woman nearly $30,000 in medical bills and left her with recurring pain.

In the lawsuit, the woman claims that it was clearly obvious that the customer on the motorized cart could not figure out how to stop the machine. As such, the woman says the accident could have been prevented had Walmart provided clearer instructions for the use and operation of the motorized carts. She also alleged the improper maintenance or inspection of the fleet of motorized carts could have also played a role in her injury. The amount of money she is requesting is unknown at this time.

If people have been injured because of the negligence of a company in maintaining its premises, they may be eligible for compensation. An attorney can play a significant role in guiding people through the legal process as they seek justice for the injuries they have experienced.

Source: Argus Leader, “Sioux Falls woman sues Walmart after customer hits her with scooter cart,” Danielle Ferguson, Mar. 25, 2019