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How workers’ compensation can get you back to work sooner

If you are hurt on the job in Florida and are receiving compensation benefits, you may feel like you want to get back to work, whether you need to start making more money or you just like to stay busy. Fortunately, one of the benefits you receive is vocational rehabilitation, which provides a variety of tools and training to help you get back to your previous job or prepare you for a different position.

According to the Department of Labor, the goal of vocational rehabilitation is to get you back to work with your original employer as soon as possible. If your injuries make it improbable or impossible to return to your previous position, the program will work to assist you in gaining the skills necessary to find another job of similar pay. Typically, rehab services only start once your doctor determines you are at maximum medical improvement and that your injuries result in a permanent disability of some kind.

Participation in a vocational rehab program is voluntary, and participants must cooperate fully, collaborate with a counselor to design a realistic plan to return to work, and be flexible in terms of available work opportunities.

The Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation gives an overview of some of the services the program provides. These include:

  • Vocational testing to evaluate aptitudes, abilities, and interests
  • Career counseling and guidance in terms of resume development and interview skills
  • Job development and placement
  • Training for a new job
  • Assessment of potential job in terms of accommodation for your disabilities