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Columbia County car accident claims woman’s life

While one may not realize it in the moment, they are placing a great deal of trust in the person they choose to drive them around Daytona Beach. By consenting to travel as a passenger in a vehicle, the implied expectation is that the driver will do everything within their power to ensure their safety. This includes avoiding any reckless or negligent actions that may place the occupants of a vehicle at risk. Most do not give the decision to travel in a car with another a second thought due to them having a familiarity with the driver (and likewise, drivers probably do not dwell on the obligations they have to their passengers). However, when the aforementioned expectation is not met, the results can be disastrous.

This fact was confirmed in a recent accident that occurred in Columbia County. An Apopka woman was traveling in a vehicle with a man (the relationship between the two was not reported) when the man lost control of the car and drove into oncoming traffic. While the vehicle avoided colliding with other cars, it did hit a tree after leaving the roadway. The impact caused the car to flip before coming to a stop. Sadly, the woman was killed in the collision, while the man was taken to aa local hospital to be treated for his injuries.

When a car accident occurs, victims (and their families) may be reluctant to pursue a liability claim against the drivers who are responsible for them (especially if they have a relationship with those drivers). Yet the circumstances of their accidents may leave them with little choice. Those in a situation may want to consult with an attorney to discuss their options.