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How can swimming pool owners prevent accidents?

If you know of a friend or neighbor that owns a pool, you're probably quite excited to take a dip this summer. However, keep in mind that not all swimming pool owners have safety in mind, which can end up harming you or your kids. The American Red Cross explains what swimming pool owners must do to keep visitors to their pool safe and secure.

When friends and family are swimming, strict rules must be in place. For instance, a person should be enlisted to watch over the pool while people are swimming. This person should not be distracted by a mobile device or book, as drowning can happen in an instant. Swimmers should also not be permitted to use the pool after drinking alcohol. Even strong swimmers will have their abilities impaired when drunk, which can lead to devastating accidents.

Swimmers, especially children, should never be allowed to use a pool alone. The buddy system ensures that someone can go get help in case an accident occurs. There should also be ample flotation devices and life vests available in the event someone needs to be rescued. All swimmers should be informed of the rules before swimming, such as no diving and staying away from drains.

Pool owners must also take the proper precautions to secure the area when it's not being used. Fencing is key in this case, and fences should be outfitted with a self-latching, locking gate. Pool covers are also important, as they prevent people from falling in. Lockable pool covers offer the best level of defense, as does an alarm to alert the pool owner of any unauthorized visitors. For above-ground pools, steps and ladders should be removed when it's not in use.