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Nighttime dangers for pedestrians and cyclists

Nighttime can be a dangerous time for cyclists and pedestrians. Unfortunately, it appears that this has especially been the case in recent years here in the United States.

According to federal statistics, between 2010 and 2017, annual pedestrian and cyclist fatalities went up, both for night and day. However, nighttime saw a much higher increase in such fatalities (46 percent) than daytime did (15 percent) over this stretch.

Why do you think pedestrian and cyclist nighttime traffic deaths have gone up so much recently?

One of the safety challenges for bicyclists and pedestrians at night is visibility. Drivers may have trouble seeing them.

There are steps that individuals out walking or biking at night can take to try to increase their visibility. This includes wearing reflective clothing, using lights, and sticking to well-lit areas if possible.

Now, on this last front, cyclists and pedestrians are limited by what lighting systems are present in their area. Are there any particular lighting improvements you would like to see made here in the Daytona Beach area?

Also, how safe pedestrians and cyclists are at night depends on how drivers act. One would hope all drivers would take steps towards preventing nighttime traffic accidents, including:

  • Closely watching for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Avoiding distractions and keeping their eyes on the road
  • Keeping their headlights in good condition and making sure they are on
  • Not getting behind the wheel when drowsy or impaired

How do you think Florida drivers do, as a whole, when it comes to acting safely out on the roads at night? Are there any areas where you think considerable improvement is needed?